PSSA Bulletin- Issue 1

From the Chairman A time of change, challenges and opportunities It was a very sad way for us to round off this quarter with the death of our longest serving monarch. I am sure that she will be sorely missed as the UK figurehead with the balance she brought to so much of the UK and Commonwealth. The level of grief that has been felt by so many of us was a great surprise although the consequential feeling of camaraderie has been palpable. We have both a new King and a new UK Prime Minister, with her new cabinet. As commentators have said, the PM faces the “in tray from hell”. There is the challenge of oil and gas supplies, war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis and the tumbling sterling exchange rate (particularly against the USD). This adds up to the constant threat of UK and world recession which does not help many industries to grow. However… for our sector the general feeling is one of opportunity. It was good for me to speak at ASIAL, in Sydney, as well as chairing our new Australian chapter. As a result we have seen a number of enquiries about both membership and how police, government and consultants can best link with PSSA and its members – with the aim of improving the quality of the product offering and the installation of equipment. We also have a piece in this issue from Rob Reiter of the SIA pointing to opportunities in the US market. The next PSSA Interact Day is being planned for 27th October and will be slightly different this time! As part of the day we are planning to showcase many of our members’ new, innovative and unique products and services. This can help to create or strengthen links between manufacturers and installers; and between members and consultants and CTSAs. I am sure that this will be well supported so please book spaces as early as possible. The International Security Expo returns to Olympia this month. The PSSA will have a stand, as will many of our member companies. This is an ideal opportunity for members to introduce partner businesses to PSSA, so please point them towards stand number P141! Have a great rest of the year and I will hope to see you at Olympia or our next Interact Day. Enjoy the magazine! Paul Jeffrey Chairman Perimeter Security Suppliers Association Tugendhat lands Security Minister role Tom Tugendhat will attend cabinet as Security Minister in the Home Office, after reaching the final five in the Conservative leadership race before endorsing Liz Truss. The former Territorial Army officer, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee since 2017 but this is his first ministerial post. The Security Minister’s role is far reaching and includes responsibility for cybercrime, fraud, aviation and maritime security, borders and goods security – and counter terrorism. In the latter role he will head up the “prepare, prevent, pursue, protect” agenda. Tugendhat was awarded an MBE in recognition of his military service and has served as MP for Tonbridge and Malling since 2015. He succeeds Stephen McPartland MP who held his position at the Home Office for less than two months (7th July to 6th September). Prime Minister Truss has appointed Sir Tim Barrow as her National Security Adviser – he is a former ambassador to Kyiv and Moscow. ISSUE 1  | PSSA BULLETIN 3