PSSA Newsletter - Issue 34

– 1 – ISSUE 34  | PSSA NEWSLETTER NEWSLETTER ISSUE 34 The Immotus Bollard – Changing the HVM Landscape PAGE 11 Heald crowned Outstanding Security Equipment Manufacturer at The OSPAs PAGE 5 PPG Smart Control PAGE 19 The association’s AGM was held at the Ardencote Manor hotel on 24th February and was well attended, I would like to thank the council retirees (Maggie Horritt and Paul Bale) for their time with the council and welcome Deborah Ainscough and Jens Hermann onto the council. As many of you may already know, Maggie Horritt will thankfully remain with the PSSA as our internal auditor and she is already working her way through member websites and giving recommendations on changes where applicable. So thank you Maggie! It is worth noting that the website reviews are a way for members to receive an independent review ensuring that their sites are unambiguous and clear to buyers. We hope that members will see this as a benefit and not interference! I would like to say a big thankyou to Figen Murray for being our keynote speaker at February’s Interact Day, the scene was well and truly set by Figen and reminded all of us of the main reason for our industry. The day covered the many expected facets of the hotly anticipated Protect Duty Act (PDA) from Consulting through product to installation processes. We are hoping to continue the theme at the next Interact Day (which is likely to be in September this year) and will probably be looking at the installation processes to compliment the PDA. Out of the three PSSA members that were 2022 finalists of the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) - Heald Ltd won the Outstanding Security Equipment Manufacturer award while both CLD and Cova Security Gates were runners up in their categories. Congratulations are due not only to Heald Ltd but to all that have made it to the finals and I hope that even more member companies will be putting themselves forwards for next years’ awards. After the inaugural Australian Chapter we are now turning our attention to a proposed US Chapter and I will be speaking at ISC West to encourage take up of PSSA membership from our US colleagues. It is hoped that an increase in US company membership will naturally lead to the start of a USA Chapter and a better understanding and interaction between us all. In February 2020, the PSSA held a joint Interact Day with US colleagues attending and speaking at the event. This was always to have a follow up reciprocal visit with PSSA members being invited to a SIA event in the USA however with the advent of COVID 19, all plans for this were suspended. I am pleased to say that this reciprocal visit has been resurrected and all members have been invited to attend the SIA Government Seminar in Washington DC in May 2022 (24th and 25th). We have a number of speaking slots available to members for the event and Figen Murray is introducing the US industry / government to the Protect Duty concept and the reasons behind it. Should any member wish to attend the seminar or would like one of the speaking slots please let me know as soon as possible. Finally, I would just like to express our support for Ukraine and more directly to our only Ukrainian member (Tiso) in these most difficult of times, let’s all hope that this is resolved soon. Regards, Paul Jeffrey Chairman From the Chairman All PSSA manufacturers have free access to the HVMhub product catalogue – an online resource for tested and rated products. Please ensure your listings are up to date and all new products have been added. If you need to add or amend products let us know