PSSA Newsletter - Issue 35

– 1 – University of Maryland at CHC Global summit PAGE 13 Ezi does it when installing anti-terrorism bollards PAGE 4 Open doors at Avon Barrier customer day PAGE 21 Dear PSSA Member I hope that 2022 is continuing to show the green shoots of recovery that we started to see at the end of 2021 and early 2022, it does feel from what I am hearing, that business is picking up strongly with a fast growing pipeline of projects. Having just returned from speaking at both the SIA US Government Summit in Washington and the START conference at Maryland University, I am pleased to report that we are edging ever nearer to a PSSA USA chapter, with a lot of interest being shown by a number of companies, at events attended. A number of PSSA members were in attendance and contributed to the “PSSA” element of the summit. It was clear that our influence over the HVM and high security perimeter is something that is held in high regard by both the US industry and government. The Australian chapter has had its initial chapter council meeting and a number of objectives are being set as a result. It is expected that further local growth will materialise once the chapter is up and running. Enjoy the newsletter! Regards, Paul Jeffrey Chairman From the Chairman All PSSA manufacturers have free access to the HVMhub product catalogue – an online resource for tested and rated products. Please ensure your listings are up to date and all new products have been added. If you need to add or amend products let us know PSSA NEWSLETTER DEADLINE The next newsletter deadline is September 16th 2022. PSSA members, don’t miss your free editorial space! INTERACT DAY INTERACT DAY INTERACT DAY The next PSSA Interact Day will be held in October. We’re busy planning this now – we always have popular speakers and topics but if there is something you want to see discussed let us know at . NEWSLETTER ISSUE 35