PSSA Newsletter - Issue 33

– 1 – ISSUE 33  | NEWS NEWSLETTER ISSUE 33 Frontier Pitts celebrate 100-years in business PAGE 10 Thanks to our newsletter sponsors, Highway Care! T: 01622 734215 E: W: ATG Access Apprentice recognised for ‘outstanding work’ by MechE PAGE 5 LoneWolf Attack incidents are increasing CHC Global explains... PAGE 18 Dear All, It has been a busy few months at the PSSA with follow ups on both the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Installers Scheme and Product code of conduct which are being adopted albeit more slowly than hoped. I would like to re-stress that the incoming Protect Duty Act (PDA) is going to have a significant impact on the counter terrorism world and we need to be prepared for the new requirements and the new potential liabilities that they will bring. The two schemes announced at the last Interact day are in place to protect members by setting benchmarks for the professionalism, communication and quality of the services that we provide and I would urge any companies not already engaging with these to do so urgently. Along the PDA theme, we are pleased to announce that the next Interact day on 23rd and 24th February will be a PDA focused event and we already have a good number of relevant speakers including Figen Murray, CPNI, CTP. We need as much exposure as we can get on the PDA as it is not only a major development in security which is likely to rolled out around the world but is an absolutely essential piece of legislation for protection against terrorism. I have a feeling that this event will be sold out so please register your interest with Jen as soon as you can. In addition to the above, we have now launched our Australian Chapter of the PSSA which is a next step in the internationalisation of the association and will give a far more localised perspective on association matters. The chapter format should also improve the inclusion felt by the more remotely based members with the association and will certainly improve the lines of communication. Going forwards we are working towards frameworks to enable the development of further chapters as we grow. It was very good to see that we have three members as 2022 finalists of the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPA’s) – CLD, Cova Security Gates and Heald and all in different categories! Congratulations to all that have made it to the finals and I wish you all the best of luck in the competition. Have a great Christmas and I will see you in February if not before. Paul Jeffrey Chairman From the Chairman All PSSA manufacturers have free access to the HVMhub product catalogue – an online resource for tested and rated products. Please ensure your listings are up to date and all new products have been added. If you need to add or amend products let us know