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September 2015

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Townscape provides protection to

East Midlands Airport


ArmaWeave Plus secures new

data centre


The latest Frontier Pitts Sliding

Gates installation in Iraq




Via its membership of Build UK, PSSA members qualify

for free access to the following helplines:


0844 249 9873

Health & Safety

0844 249 9874

Legal & Contractual helpline (England)

0844 249 9871

Legal & Contractual helpline (Scotland)

0844 249 9872

Tax & Business

0844 249 9875


0844 249 5908

Retention Bonds

0844 249 5903

Members seeking advice or assistance will need to

provide their company name and confirm that they

are members of the PSSA.


PSSA AGM/Conference


Thursday 10 December 2015

PSSA part of the National

Security “Big Picture”

The PSSA is making in its mark in some key national business and

security strategies. The Association is inputting to the forward strategy

for the Home Office on security issues – where physical perimeter

security remains a big part of the picture. This is in addition to

the close relationship with CPNI on critical national infrastructure

challenges. The PSSA’s partnership with the CPNI is moving forward

with the shared project of ensuring that perimeter security products

are tested and marketed correctly for the benefit of users and

specifiers. The PSSA’s Verification Scheme (see right) now has a record

number of participants in its current list of companies as the Scheme

begins to “fly”. The PSSA is also a founder member of the new Build UK

umbrella organisation for specialist and main contractors – reflecting

members’ concerns about getting some joined up support for

streamlined PQQs and fair payment terms.

Rob Oliver, Secretary to the Council of the PSSA comments, “Security

in all its aspects is high on the national agenda right now. Whilst

cybersecurity has hit the headlines, physical security in terms of

terrorist threats and, now, border issues is something that will not go

away. The PSSA, and its members, has a role in promoting high quality

products and solutions to some very real challenges”.

PSSA Verification Scheme

The PSSA is pleased to report that the following member

companies are engaged in the PSSA Verification Scheme process,

with more to follow:

ABC Fencing, Allens Total Perimeter Security, ATG Access, Avon

Barrier, Binns Fencing Ltd, Cova Security Gates, Eagle Automation

Systems, Frontier Pitts Ltd, GeoquipWorldwide, Hardstaff Barriers

Ltd, Highway Care, JB Corrie & Co. Ltd, Marshalls Plc, Tata Steel

Projects and Zaun Ltd.

For more information about the Scheme, and how to sign up, see