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Welcome to the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association

The PSSA is the trade association for companies involved in the supply of equipment and services designed to provide the highest levels of physical protection for sites and their perimeters from terrorist or criminal attack that involves the use of extreme force or explosives.

Members of the association supply a wide range of high performance products including perimeter fences and walls, vehicle barriers and blockers, bollards, high security gates, security blinds together with other specialist equipment developed for this demanding sector of the security market.

A range of expert consultancy services is also available from association members.

Products provided by PSSA Members include:
• Access Control
• Acoustic Barriers
• Actuators
• Boom Barriers
(active, manual)
• Blast Protection
• Blast Walls
• Blockers (deep, shallow, surface)
• Bollards (active, static, medium depth, shallow)
• Edge protection
• Fencing (electric, temporary, security,
re-deployable, highways)
• Gates (active, hinged, sliding,
cantilevered, speed, pedestrian)
• Height Restrictors
• High Security Street Furniture (cycle rack, railing, seating,
planters, shelters)
• Perimeter Detection
• Perimeter Protection
• Perimeter Structures
• Protective Bunkers
• Rising Kerbs
• Roadblockers
(rising, barricade, vehicle)
• Secure Storage
• Security Topping
• Turnstiles
(fence line)

PSSA Product Verification Scheme

The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA) has introduced a verification scheme to provide confidence to perimeter systems buyers and others that products supplied by its members conform to internationally recognised quality standards, providing assurance that:

  • products are fit for purpose – designed to meet customer, market and regulatory requirements
  • products are consistently manufactured and supplied conforming to their agreed specification
  • products when in use produce the intended performance outcomes specified by the customer

Following a rigorous process of evaluation of both a supplier’s management system and verification of the product, authority to use the PSSA Verification Mark is given and the product publically listed.

Products are continuously being put through the Scheme and added to the list.  Here are a few of the H.V.M. products that have been Verified.  For more details please go to the Verification Scheme
and Listed Product pages.

ATG Access Broughton Controls Broughton Controls Frontier Pitts
SP400 Bollards Defender 941 Barrier Defender 942 Barrier Terra V Gate
SP400 Bollards Defender 941 Barrier Defender 942 Barrier Terra V Gate


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The new and exciting PSSA website will be going live in September 2016 – for any up to date information on PSSA please contact us

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